Is It All About Flashy Smiles And Trendy Styles In Toms River, New Jersey?

It’s All About Location If you can’t be in Paris, then bring fashion home to Toms River. Facial fashion, that is. The pouty, the cheesy, the sultry, the glamorous, the gleeful. Toms River is a great location to enjoy the

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Helping Toms River Love Dental Visits

It’s no secret that many Toms River people dread going to the dentist. Everyone knows it and despite your best efforts, even your Toms River area dentist knows it. But when you start visiting your dentist for the latest cosmetic

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Cavity Fighting Chewing Gum?

I’m Ronen Rotem DDS of Rotem Dental Care in Toms River. My patients often ask me if chewing xylitol gum is an effective substitute for tooth brushing and regular dental exams. Before I answer that question, let me tell you

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Multi-Procedure Dental Visits In Toms River

If you are planning extensive cosmetic dental work, you may be wondering whether to do it all at once or one procedure at a time over an extended period. Here are some factors to look at: Cost In the long

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Keeping Patients Calm Since 1995

Are you or a family member anxious about going to the dentist? Has a past experience with pain or discomfort caused you to start panicking when you think about having your teeth worked on? Have you neglected going to the

Posted in Sedation Dentistry

Tooth Replacement For The 21st Century

Not everything was better back in the “good old days.” Take dentures, for instance. Dentures have been around for generations and have certainly improved the lives of thousands of Toms River people who have lost many or all of their

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It Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Time To Beautify Your Smile, Toms River

Are you a busy Toms River resident who can’t find the time to improve your smile? The truth is, it may not take as long as you think. My name is Ronen Rotem and my staff and I at Rotem

Posted in Restorative dentistry

3 Behind-The-Scenes Dental Advances For New Jersey

Jackson dental patients who have undergone a smile redesign are probably aware of the latest cosmetic dental procedures popular in the Toms River area. These include metal-free fillings, porcelain veneers, invisible braces, hybridge dental implants, and inlays/onlays. Today’s Jackson dental

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Relax. It’s Not The End Of The World.

Today’s Rotem Dental Care post addresses one of the most feared dental procedures: the infamous root canal. If you are told that you need a root canal, don’t panic. Your general dentist recommends this procedure when it is better for

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Replace Old Silver Fillings

Our teeth are unlike other parts of the body in the fact that they can’t be regenerated. Superficial cuts in the skin disappear without a trace, infections are killed with antibiotics, broken bones mend, and inflamed tissues abate. Unfortunately, tooth decay can’t

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